Axigen 10.3.2 (X3 Update 2) verfügbar

Das neue Update bringt viele Bugfixes und auch eine verbesserte Suche:


AXI-NA00 Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS) support
AXI-NA01 Fixes an issue resulting in Cyren not being stopped when an axigen process crashes
AXI-2169 Introduce MILTER v2 support
AXI-2819 Introduce per domain HTML message appenders
AXI-2895, AXI-2908, AXI-2912 Introduce a dedicated Prometheus exporter (HTTP API endpoint)
AXI-2941 Copy the list of IMAP subscribed folders as part of the migration process
AXI-3012 Enable TLS 1.3 by default


AXI-NA00 New Email Search
AXI-2696 Refresh the IMAP subscribed folders list on folder rename operations
AXI-2782 Simplified WebMail styling using SASS (SCSS)
AXI-2937 Preserve the “References” and “In-Reply-To” headers when saving emails as drafts
AXI-2086 Fixes meeting invitation that contain iso-8859-1 enconding
AXI-2877 Safari: Fixes the “Font Size Up” and “Font Size Down” actions in the email composer
AXI-2921 Fixes specific event description not being displayed
AXI-2999 Fixes the “New Contact” tab not opening in a specific scenario
AXI-3001 Fixes an issue resulting in the “From” field being shown without being enabled
AXI-3029 Remove spaces from the start and end of the username on the login page
Additional Notes & Upgrade Information


  • An important part of this update is the completely re-implemented WebMail styling, using SCSS.
    We”ve reworked the stylesheets so that customizing your WebMail is faster and easier.
    As a result, all previous WebMail customizations will have to be re-implemented to match the new SCSS format.
  • For the new search functionality, the search and sort indexes have been redesigned using a new technology.
    The re-creation of the new indexes as part of the upgrade process is expected to last a few hours (depending on your storage size) and will require about 30% temporary additional storage capacity during the upgrade process.
  • Here you can find instructions on how to upgrade from Axigen X3 Update 1 to Axigen X3 Update 2

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